I am having the privilege traveling around the globe and having friends from all different cultural backgrounds.

During the last couple of months I got the impression that I want to share my thoughts and the insights that I am getting with an audience. I want to build a platform where bright people can reflect on certain matters in respectful manner.  Primarily I want to focus on ECONOMY, POLITICS, COMMUNICATIONS and MANAGEMENT.

My motivation – to develop this platform – is that I am getting the impression that more and more nonsense is broadcasted and printed and even established, serious media seem to lose touch with reality …

I invite you to join this group of intellectuals whose ambition is to implement a better understanding of this world’s human beings.

No matter if you are red, black, yellow or white. No matter if male, female or transgender. No matter if Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Christian or any other … Please feel invited!


  1. Josef: It will be a pleasure to think together with a group of old and new friends. My German is more than a little rusty but I’ll try to keep up.


  2. Joseph,

    What a great idea and a great start. One of my longtime criticisms of modern technology is that it’s geared to broadcasting, which is nice…all of us want to be heard…but if everyone is talking and no one’s listening, what’s the point of talking. Kudos to you for establishing a platform for dialogue rather than diatribe.

    Yours in OAMLP,

    Ian Robertson


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