Now we can bill more than 6 Billion People in 185 Countries

During the last year KWAK billed customers in 185 different countries on five continents. KWAK billed subscribers of more than 500 different mobile and fixed net operators!

If we sum up all the subscribers of these networks we get a sum of (6,258 Billion!) people KWAK is capable of billing today.

International Premium Rate Numbers reach by far more users than any other known micropayment solution can address today.

And these users don’t even need to open an account with KWAK or download any payment application.  Nor they have to provide any personal data. They receive their bill via the monthly invoice of their telecom operator. A maximum of convenience and security for the user and the content provider!

For media companies, content and service providers or pay hotlines this means an easy access to a tremendous global market

Whats App was recently acquired by Facebook and the vision of the company’s founders was published: They wanted their app to be on any smartphone around the world…

Guess what: IPRN and KWAK is already there!

Today IPRN can reach any smartphone and even old-fashioned mobiles and fixed lines around the world which makes it the most powerful micropayment solution on the planet!

KWAK presently offers more then 350 different International Premium Rate Number Ranges which grant full access to users in a global market for content, service and application.

With a team of international experts with business and culture competence in all major media markets KWAK guides its clients when rolling out their offer into new regions.

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