Testing McClaren 650s

Thanks to great friends I got an invitation to test the new McClarean 650s. The 650 stands for 650 horsepower!

Since my Dad is loving Sportcars (although he never owned one) and since I am not a shy person at all, I asked if we could have two of these rare test-cars. My argument was that this might be more fun.IMGP0743

And what did these Fun-Loving-Englishmen of McClaren say? They said: Yes, no problem. TipTop! Tea?

So after having a tea we got into the tiny cockpits. Once you’re in it feels: Oahhh! Everything where it belongs and in a quality you’d expect from a Savile Row suit. My co-pilot was the

Cockpit, McClaren650s
Cockpit, McClaren650s

marketing lady of McClaren and my Dad was with their sales director. Fortunately both of them are hobby race drivers so they motivated us to “enjoy” the possibilities of the vehicle.

And after pushing the Start-button you immediately realize that these possibilities seem to be unlimited. 0-100km/h in hardly 3 seconds. Acceleration faster than a jet! And I guess this monster is also louder. While driving through a public tunnel the boys inside my Dad and me were unleashed and made noise like the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra doing a gig with AC/DC. Beautiful!!!

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