Clash of Civilization? Sorry, never heard about!

When I am watching or reading the news these days, I am getting the impression that people from different cultures cannot co-exist peacefully and an inherent conflict of cultures is given. Pardon my French but I consider this as Bullshit!

Meeting at KWAK

I am working in a team of a dozen different nations and multiple religions. I am working with Iranians and Iraqis, with Serbs and Austrians, with Chinese and Indians, with Germans, Lebanese and Nigerians. So quite a colorful bunch of people. And you know what? It works perfectly!

We are judging each other for what we are and what we contribute and not by our origin or religion.

Considering this experience I do not believe in the theories brought to us by Samuel P. Huntington and I do not believe in George W. Bush’s words: „Even you are with us or against us!“

FriendsWhy? because I do not believe in you and us. We are all humans forced to live on small planet called earth. And no matter what the media-machinery is trying to tell us: after these cultural eruptions happening in the form of terror and war, we will still be human beings forced to live on this planet.

Out of this we better start now to elaborate on a peaceful, productive, global co-existence. And from my experience with KWAK I know: It works! And one and one makes three!

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