Bis zum Mond und zurück

This year I got one of the greatest Christmas gifts I ever I got. My wife surprised me with an electric guitar: A beautiful babyblue Fender Stratocaster. Marvelous! Well done! Tiptip

Since I got it I can’t stop playing this wonderful instrument and continue destroying my finger tips and the nerves of my family. I guess they meanwhile regret that they got me this tremendously crying baby.

Fender Strat

But the gift reminded me on a project I already almost forgot. It’s back about 10 years when I recorded some songs with some awesome musicians like Ulrich Drechsler, one of the most outstanding Saxophonist worldwide.

One of those songs is a very personal piece. It’s kept in German language – my mother tongue and the title is “Bis zum Mond”.

It’s a love song and I wrote it for the love of my life, my wife: Anita

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