A Vision for Europe 

Europe’s core values are social fairness, societal peace and freedom, a secular diversion of government and religion, the believe in civil society and the aim for innovation as well as societal and individual development.

Societal value creation and the distribution of wealth have to be reengineered. More people has to become included in the value creation process and the output has to be distributed more fair and efficient. Therefore it will be necessary to re-define what we consider as societal value.

Europe needs a strategy to reduce and balance the accumulation of capital within the hands of an extremely small minority and to reduce its debt obligations significantly. The cost and burden of interest society has to carry undermines purchasing power and consumption and will lead sooner or later to social frictions.

Europe, its member states, its federal states and its communes have to reduce its overhead cost significantly. It won’t work forever that the vast majority of created value is spent for bureaucracy and administration.

Europe has to develop a plan how to react on the upcoming demographic problems due to the shift in Europe’s age-pyramid. Migration is necessary and we have to ensure that in the race for talent Europe is capable to attract the best of them. The public perception of migration has to be shifted from an impression of fear to an understanding of its strategic importance, its necessity, its benefits  and its challenges.

Politics has to take place where it really happens and where it has impact. We have to strengthen the communes and regions on the one hand and European structures on the other hand. The importance of national and federal politics in a global society is diminishing naturally and irreversibly.

Europe needs a geopolitical strategy and a plan how to achieve its goals to stay in a position to contribute to the development of our global society based on Europe’s history and its values. Therefore Europe needs a clear position what it expects in future collaborations with Asia, the Middle East and Africa. How to deal with Islam and how to develop an emancipated standpoint in its relations with Russia and US.

Europe needs an autark and efficient military defense. A block of more than 500 million people cannot rely in its defense on the goodwill of its partner USA forever. The instability of northern Africa, paramilitary threats like AlQuaida or ISIS, having nuclear powers like Pakistan, Iran or Israel close to its borders and the fact that on multiple European borders hot wars are taking place make it mandatory being capable of protecting European citizens with strong European military forces.

Europe needs a societal consent how to deal with technological development which has the potential to erase mankind from this planet. Examples are genetic engineering, nuclear power and weapons, biomedical engineering, artificial intelligence, etc.

In a world where any kind of information is accessible anytime and anywhere we have to reshape our idea of education. Knowledge becomes less and less important but the importance of interpretation and understanding is dramatically increasing. Education has to reflect on that as soon as possible.

Europe needs a proper approach how to deal with the fundamental disruption of the media landscape. Social Media, Blogs, Youtube and other channels change the process of opinion creation radically and become catalyst to societal radicalization and divide. Institutional journalism as a gatekeeper is evaporating.

How do we want to fulfill our steadily increasing demand for energy in the future without destroying the planet? Europe needs a concept how to serve its citizens autark with energy without being dependent and exposed on the reliability and goodwill of suppliers. Being dependent on energy supply means being limited and dependent in geopolitical decisions.

Europe needs to optimize its domestic logistics and transport systems in terms of efficiency and environmental impact. The logistics of goods has to be moved from the streets to trains and we have to start now to develop the infrastructure of the 22nd century. Intelligent train-systems, 3-D-offsite-printing, digital distribution, any many other techniques will change to way we deliver things fundamentally.

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